Ohio Hotline Prevents A Foreclosure

Martha*, a 91-year old Ohioan was facing foreclosure on her home. Martha was the widow of a World War II veteran. Martha fell behind on her mortgage payments and the lender had filed for foreclosure despite the fact that the lender knew that Martha was going to receive funding from the local Veterans Services office to catch up on her arrearage. When Martha finally received the funds, the lender refused to accept the money and dismiss the foreclosure complaint. Upon calling Pro Seniors’ Legal Hotline, a hotline attorney was able to assist Martha with filing a pro se motion for extension of time to answer. This provided Martha the time she needed to contact Operation Legal Help Ohio to enlist a volunteer attorney in Martha’s area. Operation Legal Help Ohio is a program where volunteer attorneys will assist veterans and widows of veterans with legal problems. Eventually, a local law firm agreed to help Martha with the foreclosure case.The volunteer attorneys were able to have the case referred to mediation. Through the mediation, funding and a modification were obtained, the foreclosure case was dismissed, and Martha’s
home was saved.

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