Membership in NASLH includes many benefits for your Legal Hotline, including:

Retro Telephone

  • Conference calls where information and ideas are shared between Senior Legal Hotlines across the nation;
  • Receive access to and support from other experienced senior legal services and helpline/hotline leaders and advocates;
  • Participation in legislative advocacy;
  • Opportunity to have your voice heard regarding legislation;
  • Opportunity to be leaders of NASLH and guide its direction;
  • Participation in studies concerning funding of senior legal hotlines;
  • Planning and participating in fundraising activities for senior legal hotlines;
  • Participation in funding opportunities available to senior legal hotlines (e.g. Part D funding);
  • Access to materials that raise awareness of the work of hotlines;
  • And last, but by no means least, NASLH benefits greatly from your input.

NASLH Membership Levels

Program Membership ($200 annually, with a new member discount of $100 for the 1st year): Senior Legal Hotlines that are or aspire to be statewide. Each member program can designate its representative to NASLH. A program membership is a representative of the organization operating a senior legal hotline in any state or D.C.

Provisional Member ($100 annually): A non-profit legal service agency in states that do not have senior legal hotlines but declare interest in creating SLH in their state. They are to pay dues at half the rate of full members, will be included in general membership communications and may attend annual and special meetings.

Supporting Individual ($25 annually): A person endorsing the principles and goals of the association but who is not currently an eligible member. Supporting individuals may participate in the activities of the association and receive publications but do not have the right to vote or hold office.

Supporting Organization ($25 annually): An organization who shares our interest in developing improved access to legal assistance by older Americans. They shall pay dues at the same rate as supporting individuals, and not be voting members or officers, but will be included in general membership communications and annual and special meetings.

NASLH Membership Application

Contact Information

Membership dues can be paid by mail. To do so, please print and return this form and membership dues for the calendar year to:

c/o Elder Law of Michigan, Inc.
3815 West St. Joseph St., Suite C-200
Lansing, MI 48917